My account has been suspended, can I appeal the decision?

If your account has been suspended, or you get an error when registering a new account, it may be because you violated the app's code of good conduct. You will find this code of good conduct in the help of the app.

Except for very rare errors, we do not expel anyone without a valid reason. And we never expel anyone without clear proof.

If the expulsion was the consequence of an abuse report by another user, be clear that the validity of the report has been verified. We do not listen to false reports or reports that do not provide proof of their accusations.

Most expulsions are done without notice. The blocks go by people, not by accounts. If you violate the rules on one account, you will lose all your accounts, all your devices will be locked, and you will not be allowed to create new accounts. The blocks are in principle definitive.

In the event that you want to amend your mistakes, we offer second chances through an appeal process.

Keep in mind that depending on the number of incidents that you have generated, and the time that you have cost the staff of this app, a readmission after an appeal may entail the payment of management expenses.

Appeal requests that contain insults, sarcasm, inappropriate tone, disrespect, or threats will not be considered.

Expulsions related to the sale of drugs cannot be appealed, so we will not answer them.

You will find the appeal form at